Water is one of the essential elements necessary for life. We are blessed by the abundance of pure, clean water in our local environment.

Conservation of this precious natural resources starts with accounting for and accommodating storm water for on-site infiltration and storage. The goal is to recharge the subsurface aquifer before runoff offsite becomes contaminated by contact with polluted roadways, dumping into streams and drinking water reservoirs. It is more effective and efficient to clean up storm water before it becomes part of our aquatic systems.

We design landscapes for aesthetic charm and beauty, but also to efficiently utilize all available resources. Actions such as simple tree planting or creating landforms for berms and planting beds will increase stormwater infiltration onsite. Storm water management options include:

GJL employs the principals of LID (low impact development) and SSI (Sustainable Site Initiative) during all projects, especially in ecologically sensitive areas. We also use state of the art site protection methods during our construction and restoration practices, such as stream bank stabilization, tree protection, and erosion control devices to improve and maintain water quality.

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