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Woodlot Management

If you have more than three mature trees on your property, you have a woodlot.

Mature trees are a substantial part of our landscape environment. In addition to the very real environmental and health benefits, such as sequestering carbon, providing oxygen, cooling and stabilizing soil, conserving water, and cleaning the air by filtering pollutants, they also add aesthetic value to our properties and communities.

The health of our trees is directly responsible for our health and well-being. They, like ourselves and our own bodies, are constantly challenged and under assault from pollutants and toxins prevalent in our everyday environment. Hydrocarbon exhaust (acid rain), air pollution, contaminated storm water, and construction practices (such as compaction) all have ongoing negative effects on their and our health. This includes poor cultural practices such as exposure to lawn pesticides, habitat destruction, and removal of beneficial wildlife.fut

You can make a difference in the quality of life we all lead by taking better care of our precious natural resources. Start by identifying, surveying, and appreciating what you have. Large mature trees cannot be easily replaced and up to 25% of your property value may be in trees.

We employ licensed, consulting arborists to evaluate our trees. Instead of treating trees like enemies by spraying them (and your neighbors', whether they need it or not), we utilize natural source, organic, life-giving bio-stimulants, compost, and soil amendments to improve the health and appearance of your trees naturally. Soil chemistry tests and biological assays are used to determine soil and plant health and to develop a plan for deliberate management of your trees and woodlands.