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Invasive Species Control

Invasive species are more than just weeds. They can be any living organism, according to the National Wildlife Federation, that is non-native and causes harm to the environment, human health, and the economy. In the landscape, invasive plants can be alleopathic, meaning they release biochemicals as a defense mechanism, which inhibit seed germination and seedling growth of other plants.

Invasives have few natural predators or population controls in their introduced area, so they often crowd out natives with their prolific growth. They also disrupt ecosystem food chains; native animals and other organisms evolved along with their plant food sources over millions of year! Pollinators are especially adapted to specific flower structures. Non-native pollen is often inaccessible for them.

Invasive Species Control Services

Invasive species management is site-specific, and treatments vary depending on the species, area size, and surrounding ecosystem. In general, organic Green Jay Landscaping methods of invasive species control include:

  • Pulling by hand – don’t underestimate the power of the hand in effective extraction with minimal disturbance! This is easiest done after rain.
  • Organic weed control spray (OMRI approved), which do not persist in the environment like synthetic equivalents.
  • Mechanical removal.
  • Replanting with a site- and soil-appropriate native planting post-removal. We do not leave exposed bare soil since it can lead to erosion.
  • Mulching to suppress weed growth.