We are thrilled to work in Bedord among a community so driven to enact smart environmental programs. It truly takes a village!  Below are some local resources you might find useful as a Bedford homeowner and a gallery of our Bedford projects. 

Bedford 2020

The community has pledged to reduce carbon emissions by 20% by 2020, and to preserve natural resources.  The campaign spans from engery to food to waste and land use. 

Bedford Healthy Yard Program 

Green Jay Landscaping is an approved Healthy Yards landscaper --we are practioners of the pledge to avoid synthetic chemical applications (fertilizers and pesticides), chose native plants adapted to local conditions that attract pollinators and wildlife, and reduce water and gasoline use, through smart landscape design. 

Bedford Pollinator Pathway 

A joint effort between the Town of Bedford, Bedford Residents, and neighboring communities to map, design and construct pollinator gardens in a streamlined "pathway" connecting larger habitats with essential pollen and nectar sources for pollinators.  Part of the larger Hudson to Housatonic Regional Conservation Partnership  (H2H).

Bedford Town Code 

Of particular relevance to landscape projects are the local laws regarding wetlands, storm water management, zoning, and subdivision of land

Bedford Audobon

Gorgeous location for naturalist walks & wildlife spottings!  GJL consults with Bedford Audobon on ecological and wetland restoration projects. Check out their guidelines for Bird Friendly Communities!

Leave Leaves Alone

A grassroots organization that promotes shredding and storing leaves on site, to take advantage of natural nutrient cycles, instead of expending energy and money to cart them away.  GJL practices leaf mulching as part of our ecological promise and commitment to NOFA, ELA and Healthy Yards.  

Bedford Building Department 

Find contact info for the Building Inspector here. 

Bedford Recycling Guide 

Natural swimming pond -- water is cleaned through bog plants and biological activity, no chemicals. We stopped trying to grow grass in this tough, shady spot and created a bird & butterfly garden instead. Bird & Butterfly Garden just planted -- can't wait to see this garden grow!