Stream & Slope Landscaping

New Canaan, CT

We received a call about a pond full of dead fish in New Canaan. Green Jay Landscape Design was hired to restore water quality organically, and to design a more dramatic and functional habitat in the form of a cascading stream and native hillside planting.

We also installed a fieldstone staircase and patio to improve the accessibility interaction with the pond..

The pool area, once dominated by annuals, received an ecological perennial makeover, especially along the rear slope, which had become erodible and weed-infested.



  • Recirculating stream construction.
  • Creation of streamside, sloped perennial garden.
  • Fieldstone staircase and patio to access pond.
  1. Natural stone staircase leading to pool area with native pollinator planting.
  2. This planting stabilizes the slope from erosion.
  3. Milkweed, Joe Pye Weed, and False Sunflower – natives pollinators love.
  4. Fieldstone landing with gravel joints.
  5. A constructed waterfall adds sound, motion, and fresh water to the fishpond.
  6. Pool area planting received perennial update for ecological services.
  7. Ferns and clethra for a native shade underplanting.
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