Why Go Organic?
Simply put: we’re cultivators, not killers.

We design on the premise that nature nurtures: as humans we delight and benefit in our daily greenery, in observing a bird nesting or a butterfly drinking nectar.  So on that premise, the chemical diet of traditional landscaping doesn’t cut it.  

Chemical pesticides and herbicides are indiscriminate in their attack, destroying soil microbiology and polluting waterways and aquatic life with runoff.  Synthetic fertilizers are a quick fix feed for plants, but do nothing for the plant’s immune system or lasting health.  What’s more, there is simply not enough research on the long-term effect of these toxic exposures on human and pet health.  Learn more about pesticides and your health on our blog.  

At Green Jay Landscaping we apply a holistic, ecological approach to all of our projects. Our team members are NOFA Accredited Organic Land Care Professionals and approved contractors for the Bedford 2020 Healthy Yard Program and Rye Healthy Yard Program.  We understand that organic is more than just a product swap; it requires building sustainable ecosystems. Learn more about Dr. Diane Lewis, M.D.'s work with The Great Healthy Yard Project. Proudly serving our communities in Westchecster County, Fairfield County and Putnam County with organic, ecological, full service landscape maintenance. 

Landscapes for Better Living:
GJL’s Healthy Yard Program

1) Soil testing is the scientific basis for organic, lawn, tree and shrub care

2) Mulch mowing, recycling clippings as a minimum, mowing height 3”- 4” optimum

3) Water conservation

4) Invasive weed species control

5) Lawn establishment and maintenance

6) Organic fertilizer

7) Soil amendments

8) Aeration/decompaction    

9) Leaf composting/removal

10) Ecological landscape design development & management