Serene Seaside Swimming Pond

Larchmont, NY

GJL created a phased Landscape Development Master Plan for this charming property that borders a sea channel in Larchmont, NY.  We designed and constructed a natural swimming pond and waterfall, purified by an adjacent bog garden (that’s right, no chlorine!).  The pond provides a beautiful focal point for the new bluestone patio, constructed by GJL. Salt-tolerant perennials make up the border pollinator gardens, and a woodland-inspired garden frames the front yard.

Waterfall close up. Moving water aerates the pond to help prevent algal growth.
Waterfall and surrounding garden in spring. Large fieldstone steps provide a naturalistic entrance into the swimming pond.
BEFORE: the backyard lacked functional living space was in need of a makeover.
AFTER: Beautiful curved bluestone patio connects the two back doors and creates an outdoor dining space. Designed and constructed by GJL
Side view of the patio masonry, with the organic lawn in full lushness!
AFTER: Approaching natural swimming pond from north side. Perennials and shrubs create a vegetative border between the lawn and pond to prevent nutrient runoff.
AFTER:View of the natural swimming pond and waterfall from above! Yes this is deep enough to swim in!
AFTER: Swimming pond feat. Penstemon digitalis 'Dark Towers' in the right foreground.
Designing different depths and shelves within your water feature makes it attractive to birds and other wildlife that bathe in shallow waters.
Native bee on native St Johns Wort (Hypericum prolificum).
A custom bench sits just beyond the pond, framed with a grass and perennial garden.
A newly constructed arbor adorned with Trumpet Vine and Climbing Hydrangea frame the entrance sea channel and dock.
Arbor viewed from the back yard, featuring Wisteria and Climbing Hydrangea.
View of the salt tolerant perennial border garden in spring, feat. Alliums and Rosa rugosa.
Rear border garden from other direction, featuring daisy blooms.
Same view in fall, ornamental grasses and mature tree foliage steal the show!
Border diversity featuring: native butterfly weed (a must for Monarch butterflies!), native geraniums, and Ajuga as ground cover.
A decorative, on-theme compass covers the catch basin.
The north entrance from front yard to rear.
South entrance from rear yard to front in fall.
Front woodland garden, featuring an oak trunk repurposed into a sculptural planter.
Front foundation planting emphasizes interesting foliage and appropriately placed evergreens for year-round interest. Climbing the trellises are Clematis.
Curb appeal! Instead of the eye being drawn to the curb and road, it is attracted to the quilt of foliage and blooms along this curbside garden.
National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat! For more info visit:
Naturalistic, unique, and ecologically friendly! This front yard is just a slice of the surprise in the back!