Low-Mow Lawn &
Landscape Renovation

Mamaroneck, NY

This dog-loving family’s lawn was suffering from severe compaction and landscape tedium.  GJL installed Microclover Back Beauty sod from SodCo – a durable and attractive new sod that fixes nitrogen and reduces water and fertilizer inputs.  GJL also softened the existing retaining wall with flowering perennials above and below for vibrant blooms from spring through fall.  A proper cedar base for the play set and a boulder-retained vegetable garden complete this family backyard haven.

Fresh spring blooms featuring salvia, geraniums, & daisies.
BEFORE: view from back step of far too much brown!
AFTER: view from back step of lush lawn and quilt of ecologically valuable perennials and shrubs.
BEFORE: no plant love – the architectural bones of this planting bed are great, but the eye is only drawn to the exposed bare spaces.
AFTER: lush & diverse – this planting softens the hardscape elements and develops a much needed color pallet of both foliage and flowers.
BEFORE: patchy lawn in this case resulted from severe compaction from the client’s two large and energetic dogs.
BEFORE: east view of backyard and existing playset.
AFTER: curving beds, diverse planting heights and textures, and lush lawn create an inviting backyard space.
AFTER: before installing sod we core aerated the area and applied organic soil amendments.
BEFORE: view of east side gate.
AFTER: newly installed steps and walkway connect the east gate with the backyard patio entrance from the home.
BEFORE: the play sat directly on the ground and continued to settle and be affected by erosion, creating an uninviting playscape.
AFTER: the play set now rests on cedar mulch, which deters insects, creating a safe atmosphere for play. Large fieldstone steppers create a grand scale for the backyard entrance.
BEFORE: east view.
AFTER: the fence around the patio can now be removed. Dogs have their own territory in a dog run on the west side.
AFTER: A veggie garden is a wonderful learning lab for young families.
BEFORE: west gate entrance to backyard.
AFTER: Newly installed stepping stone path leads from back gate to patio.
BEFORE: east gate entrance.
AFTER: the space feels intimate and inviting. The eye is no longer drawn to bare and harsh spaces.
AFTER: curvilinear beds soften the retaining wall and iron fence.
AFTER: the gorgeous planting focal point that every landscape needs!