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Green Jay Landscaping - Complete Snowplowing and Shoveling Services - Westchester, Putnam and Fairfield Counties

Complete Snowplowing and Shoveling Services - Westchester, Putnam and Fairfield Counties

In my next life I'd like to a weatherman or meteorologist. The storm went out to sea, shifted to rain, warmed up, turned to rain, don't know or... I lied! Predicting the weather is iffy business at best, at least until it comes. Yes, we use NOAA, the National Weather Service. What's important to know? When is it going to snow? How much? How will affect you? If you do not intend to remove snow from your driveway yourself, either by shovel (don't have a heart attack) or a snowblower (hope it starts), it's time to put out reflectors or driveway markers and contract with a professional contractor. If you really care about your landscape I suggest hiring a landscape contractor who also cares about your landscape. If you hire a handyman or painter will they be aware of where they put the snow…and salt?

I have been a professional snow plow driver for over thirty years! I love the snow! I have an undying respect for fireman who run into burning buildings when everyone else is running in the other direction. Snowplowing is a dangerous sport. Insurance is not enough. A good truck is not enough. Timing is critical. So..some things to consider.

First..Do you have a steep driveway? Does the the driveway go downhill or uphill? Where do you put the snow? Especially in the event you get large snowfall events or a continuous period of snowfall there should be thought given to where snow can be stored in between storms. On residential driveways we start plowing at accumulations of 3"s or more (unless other arrangements are made). Some driveways may need to be done at less if it's not going to melt. Particularly steep driveways pitching to the garage.

There is a lot to think about. Is your contractor going to shovel the snow from in front of the garage and hand shovel hard to get curves etc. or are you going to come home to a mess you have to cleanup? What about walks? A premium service provider will provide this kind of service and charge for it. Will you have access to your contractor by phone during storm events. Don't expect us (or your contractor) to text or email you, we are driving and it's probably night, the weekend, the office is closed. Also many of our service areas have poor cell service or as we say cellular hell! This is especially true in Pound Ridge, Bedford, Katonah, Chappaqua, Armonk, Mount Kisco etc. If you need to get to work early or have appointments or emergencies, communicate this as far in advance as possible. Get on an early out list, at a premium, usually. Does your driveway ice up? Will you need sand and salt or other ice control methods? Does your service offer that as part of your contract. If you make piles of snow with sand and salt it will melt and go somewhere. Make sure it does not go where it can damage your plants or especially your well water. I have had a client whose well was ruined by salt accumulating at the end of the road, melting and running downhill to the lawn where the well was. Solution was not easy. Usually the well is in the front, septic in back or the other way around.

Also please remember to be kind to each other and your service provider. We are only human. Trucks do breakdown, usually on a Sunday night in the middle of nowhere, no mechanic on duty etc.. Oh yea we don't carry spare engine's, transmissions etc. on our trucks. We have left the safety, comfort and warmth of our homes and families so you can go to work, doctors appointments etc.. We don't live at the base of your driveway waiting for three inches to accumulate. We do care and do our best to serve you. We should all value and appreciate the beauty of our winters in the northeast, it's wonderful! You can always move to a warmer climate.

As always…Enjoy Life …it's precious and like the snowstorms to come…nothing last forever.

Be safe, be happy, be well!

Jay Archer, President


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