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Green Jay Landscaping - Landscape Design and Spring Flowering Bulbs - Westchester County

Landscape Design and Spring Flowering Bulbs - Westchester County

I feel like no contemporary landscape design is complete without a spring flowering bulb display. These wonderful plants add so much cheerfulness to the early spring. They start the season off early and extend our enjoyment of our gardens and landscape for up to six weeks. The varieties of bulbs available to the trade are astounding in their diversity, color and bloom time. In addition to the traditional Dutch tulips, daffodils are a mainstay in many of our landscapes. They are deer proof as well, which means they can be planted anywhere. I also favor the many colors of fragrant hyacinths. Grape hyacinths, silica, dwarf iris and crocus all add a richness of color and texture to the garden. An added benefit to massing bulbs in the perennial border is the reduction in early weed growth.

Spring Flowering Bulbs

Covering the ground with plants is the key to sustainable plant based design. Another wonderful aspect of bulb planting is the ability to create a dramatic floral display which will continuously be succeeded by the next group of flowering perennials or grasses in sequence. Including bulbs in the original design developed in the spring and summer focuses us on the progression of seasons and the power and the glory of the composition.

Spring Flowering Bulbs

Spring Flowering Bulbs

It is very important to use bone meal or bulb fertilizer when you plant. We also mix in Mole Med at the recommended rate to repel rodents. This is a castor bean product (natural, organic).

Most of all, bulbs are fun and make us feel good and optimistic about things to come.

Jay Archer, President (and Bulb Enthusiast)


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