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Wild Grass and Perennial Garden Builds Curb Appeal – Katonah NY

This modest landscape improvement project involved creating new planting beds at the entrance to the driveway incorporating the mailbox. The larger bed on the right side was arranged to arrest the attention of anyone coming to the home. Since the predominant entrance approach was coming toward the driveway/house from the left we created an elevated berm to dramatize the planting effect. A combination of ornamental grasses and long blooming perennials made for a colorful, summer long display.


Hand selected boulders, sourced locally, add a natural weight to the design.


This is an example of a low-maintenance and sustainable design. Once established, this naturalistic and organic landscape will not require fertilization, much pruning or weeding. A key to success is planting in a tight pattern to cover the mulched areas within the first two seasons.

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