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Why Hire a Landscape Designer/Contractor for a Consultation ?

If you really want to improve your landscapes appearance and value, it would be important to talk to a professional about the process and possibilities. I often meet with people who have a very general idea what they want but need help expressing their desires, hopes and dreams when it comes to what they imagine in their landscape.

Some basic questions and info is extremely helpful. To start with, are you considering a complete renovation of an existing landscape ? Do you have a survey or plot plan of the property ?

Do you have any intentions of altering the architectural footprint of your home ?

Are you considering a patio, deck or other permanent hardscape feature. Where does the barbecue go ? Would you like drawings of a proposed landscape plan ? Will you need a permit for any work to be done ?

Do you need a designer, landscape architect, architect, engineer, contractor or all of the above ?

Do you have a budget ?

A good way to go about developing a landscape plan that will include and incorporate all your needs/requirements is to sit down and discuss what you think you want and what your priorities are.

Make a list. Assemble photos of what you like. Talk to friends and neighbors, but remember, everyones experience is a little different. Their are no two individuals, properties or landscapes that are the same. Different is good ! Exceptional is exceptional !

Good design is not priceless ! Bad design is priceless…there is no value attached to work that does not provide joy and happiness. The best work endures…lasts a lifetime..improves quality of life and lifestyle.

Build good, healthy relationships with everyone involved. Managing resources means you get out what you put in.

Jay Archer, President

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