A Landscape Design Master Plan is a full-property design plan represented as an industry-standard AutoCAD drawing, and often accompanied by plant photos, reference photos, color renderings, and/or section drawings to fully convey the design concept.

A 3D rendering of a project in Cold Spring, NY that featured front entrance masonry and gardens.

We often recommend Landscape Design Master Plans to clients who come to us initially with smaller projects, because a design is more cohesive when looked at and conceptualized broadly instead of piecemealed together without an overarching vision.  Plus, for projects that require permits and sitting before the Architectural Review Board, the board members will certainly want to know if there are any other plans for the rest of the property, even if, for example, the client only intends to install the backyard this year.

Plan view of the Cold Spring property reveals the extensive circulation to be thought through, from guest house to main house to garage to backyard.

A full-property plan helps both the client and the designer manage phases, expectations and resources, all while staying within a clear design vision.

An estate-scale Landscape Design Master Plan in Fairfield County, CT.

Below are some examples of Landscape Design Master Plans and Design Presentations we have prepared for our fabulous clients.  Contact us to discuss your landscape design project and schedule a consultation.

A scrub shrub habitat in Mamaroneck
Reducing lawn area for larger garden beds allows for more native, productive habitat gardens. A pillar of ecological landscaping! Design plans include detailed plant lists with ready-to-build specifications.
A modern, ecological take on a the European parterre garden.
A poster of plant photos used in the landscape design plan, and the birds they will sustain.
A residential landscape design plan in Westchester County, NY.
A landscape design master plan for an estate in Darien, featuring border plantings, foundation plantings and native habitat gardens.
Landscape plan for leveling and lifting the rear yard, as well as renewed ecological foundation plantings.
A section of the new lifted lawn and retaining garden in Rye, NY.
A terraced permaculture garden featuring new garden paths, a water feature, and habitat gardens.
Hand-rendered Landscape Design Plan for an estate in Rye, featuring a woodland fairy path, pool landscaping, rain gardens, a veggie garden and a bird & butterfly garden.

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