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Water Garden Design, Construction and Maintenance – Croton-on Hudson to Pound Ridge NY

Is there anything as serene and soothing after a stressful day than relaxing beside your water garden?

The sound of rushing water, the fresh, clean smell of water and plants plus the excitement of the fish and frogs playing is always stimulating and refreshing. Water gardens are wonderful to look at, to play in, to listen to, to touch and to feel nature. They can also serve many ecological functions. They capture and purify stormwater while attracting wildlife and creating biodiversity in habitat. They can join many diverse ecosystems from terrestrial to aquatic. They are works of art to be enjoyed by young and old alike.

Like all landscape features (especially exceptional ones) water gardens require good design, planning and staging. Technology, products and materials have come a long way since landscape designers began incorporating ponds, streams and waterfalls into landscape compositions. Like everything in life, including the human body, they require a certain amount of maintenance. Depending on how they were designed this could be a little or a lot depending on whether you have fish, a rubber liner or filtration system.

A significant part of our business is involved in repair, redesigning or reconstructing existing water features.
Stay tuned for more examples of one of a kind landscape design and development projects featuring water.

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