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Upcoming Garden Tour Designed by Jay Archer | Rye, NY

Craving a garden tour this summer? We are excited to announce two upcoming garden tours of The Secret Garden of Celestial Happiness, designed by Jay Archer. This property formerly had a rear lawn that was removed and replaced with an ecological landscape featuring a constructed waterfall, stream, a network of stroll paths, and access to the adjacent wetland.

Eastern Swallowtail Butterfly visits a patch of Coneflower.

Sunday July 24th Garden Tour 10 – 1 PM – Hosted by Bedford 2030 Healthy Yards and Pollinator Pathways. Event details here. (There are many properties across Westchester participating in this event, find all participants on their map!)

Saturday September 17th Garden Tour 4 pm – Hosted by the Ecological Landscaping Alliance. Event details here.

Tour this nature immersion garden through four zones:

Natural stone stroll paths enable enjoyment of every corner of this backyard landscape.

Zone 1Eco-Hybrid Front Yard Landscape: Predominantly native plants mixed with traditional non-natives that also attract pollinators. This slightly more formal landscape looks gorgeous year-round and still delivers on ecological objectives.

Zone 2 ReWilding Zone – Evolved as a combination of plants that occur naturally from the adjacent wetlands, coupled with a design and planting composition. Formerly was a lawn with a mosquito problem.

Native Helenium (sneezeweed) is a favorite late-season perennial.

Zone 3Transitional Zone – the buffer between the adjacent disturbed wetland and the designed landscape. A glimpse of the future, featuring assisted migration (Bald Cyprus) and naturalized foreigners (Dawn Redwood) that are eco-adapted to our region. We maintain a woodland trail to access and enjoy the wetland setting.

Zone 4Disturbed Wetland – previously was an aquatic restoration project that has since been abandoned. The flora of the wetland migrates into the property and provides a good indication of seasonal weather patterns. Rubber boots recommended to tour the wetland.

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