Ecology + Design

The Sunrise Garden of Pastoral Bliss

Design Concept/Scope of Work

We intend to reorganize your existing landscape to create a stronger thematic composition in your lovely, bucolic setting. We will repurpose and transplant your landscape material where we mutually consider best placement. The scope of work includes the pool area adding stone from your Woodland property to the front gravel walkway for a Zen effect and creating a berm/terraform around the large tree stump to allow for optimum planting conditions and desired aesthetic effect.

The desired effect and object of this landscape project is to give you a beautiful morning garden with year round color. This will be achieved by utilizing a simple color palette featuring evergreens of blue, green and gold, which will also highlight the low growing rock garden cool color perennials. Primary plants include Blue Pacific Juniper (Conferta), Dwarf Montgomery Blue Spruce, Gold Lace Juniper, Japanese Garden Juniper (Procumbens Nana), Blue Star Juniper, Gold Mop Cypress, etc. Assorted Perennials include Nepeta, Rock Cress, Ajuga, Moss Phlox, Plumbago, etc.

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