Ecology + Design

The Joy of Living Landscapes, Alive in Rye NY

What is spring without green, without color, without flowers….What is a home without a garden?

All we need to remind us what life is like without attractive, stimulating artistic landscaping is to look around the neighborhood at all the brand new construction without any green. Everyone and everything benefits from a little touch of nature ! Trees, birds, butterflies, even a well tended green lawn (hopefully poison free) adds a touch of joy, peace and happiness to our lives.


The popularity of books such as ‘Bringing Nature Home’ by Doug Tallamy or ‘The Living Landscape ‘: Designing for Beauty and Biodiversity in the Home Garden by Tallamey and Rick Darke show us what is missing from much of our landscape environments. Nature Deficit Disorder plagues our culture. The need for nature is as real as our need for clean air, fresh water and healthy food. We need nature not only for the precious resources we require to live but also to satisfy our basic intellectual and spiritual desires. Look around you and notice, observe, appreciate our beautiful world and imagine all the ways we can make it better!




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