Ecology + Design

The Earth and All We Hold Sacred

In these extraordinary times we look to Mother Nature to cultivate and nurture our indomitable human spirit.

The sun shines and days grow longer, the birds sing and dance in ritual courtship.
The trees, shrubs and flowers bloom ..and as always…Heaven smiles upon us.

New life is born to forest and field, the rivers run, strong and powerful, enduring and sustaining the abundance of life giving energy surrounding, enveloping and embracing us.

We slow to touch the Earth and feel our way forward with reverence and remembrance, giving thanks for what came before.

With grateful hearts, together, united, we celebrate the bounty and wonder of the natural world, our Earth.  We are her children. We can depend on her and each other for all the resources we may ever need.

Compassion, faith and hope carry us into a better tomorrow. Let us care for each other with kindness and understanding.
We awake to precious moments shared…together…united…as one.
No distance so great to separate us from our love
No distance so great to separate us from our destiny, our land, our Earth.

Wishing you peace, health and happiness…always.

Live the Life You Love,
P.S.  If we don’t run out of toilet paper, we will live forever!

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