September 9, 2016

Garden Maintenance in Scarsdale; How to Maintain your Organic Landscape

All landscapes large or small require maintenance. As human beings we require maintenance. That means regular watering, feeding, pruning (haircuts) etc.. Some of us are higher maintenance than others! I know because it has been pointed out to me that I’m a high maintenance guy! Well so be it. I like to eat well, maintain a certain physical condition, dress 

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August 31, 2016

Estate Landscape Development Masterpiece

This wonderful Northern Westchester property is a perfect example of quality landscape architecture and garden design. Utilizing all the advantages of the wonderful natural setting and naturally beautiful elements of sun, shade, beautiful architecture and large scale spaces, we were able to create a wonderfully colorful, four season landscape which is not only attractive but highly ecologically function. Blending classic 

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April 16, 2016

Going Organic

Going Organic: Turning your lawn into a naturally beautiful landscape feature and Making your pesticide free, green lawn an asset to your property   In Westchester our landscapes are defined and characterized my our lawns and trees. We are truly very fortunate to have so much green space. For many of us as home owners much of our property is 

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April 19, 2015

Soil Health – Organic Gardening Is Sustainable Agriculture – Westchester County

Finally, Spring has come to the Northeast! Isn’t it amazing how a simple thing like driving down the road or strolling up your home’s entrance way is an entirely different experience than it was just a month ago? Trees are budding, daffodils are popping up, it feels good again to be outside! Organic Gardening – Healthy Soil Promotes Life At 

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February 17, 2015

Resources for Creating a Green, Organic and Healthy Landscape – Fairfield County

Going organic with a green landscape will absolutely improve the health and quality of your landscape environment and potentially your health as well. Why not make up your mind to make a change today for a more beautiful, healthier landscape today? Increasing biodiversity with the addition of native plants and trees will help you transition to an organic garden or 

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