January 30, 2020

Jay Archer Testifies on Behalf of Int.1524 Banning Pesticides in NYC Parks

Yesterday was a historic day for New York City! The city council held a public hearing for Int.1524-2019, a bill to ban Glyphosate on New York City parks or any land owned or leased by the city, sponsored by council members Ben Kallos and Carlina Rivera. It was introduced on April 18, 2019, not long after two separate juries attributed the 

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April 8, 2019

Nature As Medicine

It is widely understood and accepted by informed environmental educators that children who spend time in nature, particularly in outdoor classroom settings benefit greatly in terms of social adaptability, emotional, mental and physical health and wellbeing. My experience with Sheldrake Environmental Center, Greenburgh Nature Center, Rye Nature Center as well as many other outdoor education programs have confirmed that affirmation for 

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August 3, 2018

2018 Eco-Resolutions Part 3: Reduce Your Lawn Area, Boost Biodiversity

Ever step back and wonder how a trend came to be? Like fat free cookies, shoulder pads, and fidget spinners…were they good ideas that rapidly ran their course, or absolute absurdities that never should have taken off in the first place? As landscape professionals, we can confidently say the #1 landscape trend in America is… LAWN! Nearly every residential and 

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