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Good design anticipates future changes in the landscape and site conditions, including ever more powerful storm and rainfall events. Keep in mind, if you don’t maintain what you have (original design), it will change! Not always for the better.

The Problem: Landscape Erosion

In this case, erosion caused slope failure and scouring resulting in significant deposition and accumulation of soil and debris into the bottom of the in-ground gunite swimming pool. (The pool is located at the base of a steep hillside).

The Solution

To remediate the landscape, we installed perimeter gravel drains with filter fabric and revegetated the slope with ground covers, seed and mulch. Natural stone boulders, lose fieldstone and river rock was placed for aesthetic, ornamental effect as well as physical barriers and buffers to redirect the flow.
The result was attractive, functional and cost effective from both a sustainable, resilient design and landscape management view.

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Jay Archer

Landscape Ecologist, Designer, President

Green Jay Landscape Design


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