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Pro Spotlight: Mark Highland of Organic Mechanics [VIDEO]

The Organic Mechanics Soil Company is an organic compost and potting soil manufacturer using 100% organic and locally-sourced ingredients. We use their Biochar Blend featuring organic compost, worm casting and biochar, in virtually every one of our landscape installations. We believe it is a key ingredient in developing healthy soil microbial populations, in turn producing thriving. organic gardens.

In the Pro Spotlight series, we highlight our partners, colleagues, and respected players in the ecological landscaping industry via short video interviews.

Founder Mark Highland, ‘the Organic Mechanic’, has serious credentials, with a BS in Environmental Horticulture and a MS focusing on compost and potting soil. He also helped the famous Longwood Gardens develop their composting program to create their own potting soil. In 2006 he founded Organic Mechanics, and we have been huge fans of his products since we began using them several years ago!

Learn more about Mark and Organic Mechanics in our video interview, at a 2018 NOFA Conference.

Watch the whole Pro Spotlight series on our You Tube Channel Playlist.

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