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If you have a water garden or an ornamental pond, stream and/or waterfall it greatly helps you to be aware of the maintenance and service requirements to keep your water feature healthy and beautiful.
An Earth pond contains a natural ecosystem which is far different than an ornamental water garden. If you have an Earth pond, you should be asking the following questions… Do you have an inflow and outflow? What is the water source, and where does the water originate from? Is it spring fed, or does it depend on rain and stormwater?
Without a filtration system, aeration and a regular flow and innput, it may be difficult to prevent algae from dominating your Earth pond. A complete water garden with plants, fish, rubber liners, filters and pumps/aerators requires a regular service schedule which may include cleaning and changing filters as well as adding bacteria etc..
Some excellent resources and more info can be found at: International Professional Pond Companies Association, Fish Channel, and Pond Sources.

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