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Simple is Best

Even in the rain this simple backyard makeover give us much enjoyment and pleasure.

The appealing aspect indoors or out is one of verdant simplicity.  A small fenced in backyard with a decaying brick patio and sad lawn is transformed into a lovely garden room.

Goodbye Brick!

On this property, the dominant landscape feature was a raised brick terrace or patio. The common red brick gives a busy impression which makes the patio appear smaller than it actually is. The color is also…common and drab.

Resurfacing with full color bluestone in a seemingly random pattern, including large pieces, creates a dramatically more grand effect. This also increases resale value. Not every prospective buyer likes brick. Particularly if it looks old and worn, and in disrepair. Food for though when buying your new home, shopping for real estate or starting a landscape construction and home improvement project of your own.

Landscape Design for Small Spaces

Special features unique to this landscape design include: repurposing the existing brick for a bench landing/platform, natural stone garden pathways / walkways, and the resurfaced bluestone patio for entertaining. A gentle green planting of flowering vines and shrubs accents and softens the nice white pvc fencing.

You need never venture further than the interior living space to enjoy this one of a kind masterpiece. If you do, you will be rewarded with sweet fragrance from honeysuckle and clethra while the flowering sequence continues from azaleas in spring to hydrangea in summer to clematis etc. in fall. We even have berries for the birds in the hollies! Never boring…always soothing and peaceful.

Jay Archer

Landscape Ecologist, Designer, President

Green Jay Landscape Design



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