Ecology + Design

Organic Lawn Care: New Lawn Installation, Repair and Renovations, Maintenance

If you are going to have a lawn, it should be as healthy and safe as possible. The best way to do that is start will the best, naturally organic raw materials.

In this case we used 88 yards of a premium topsoil/compost blend on a new construction site in Larchmont, New York. Nine varieties of turf grass were used to insure the greatest biodiversity.

A cellulose mulch was used to accelerate germination and growth. The lawn was seeded in mid-November last fall. It was cut in December. We continued to seed and feed with natural source, organic fertilizers and bio-stimulants to promote probiotic bacteria and fungi in the soil biology.

With proper a irrigation schedule and mowing practices which conform to organic lawn care guidelines, the best results were achieved.

This is truly a model for ‘Landscapes for Better Living’.

You too can have a naturally beautiful lawn.

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