Ecology + Design

Natural Stone Custom Masonry, Landscape Design | Patterson, NY

Landscape architecture and design involves examining all aspects of the property and home.  Considering changes in the existing landscape can improve the functionality and appearance of the site.

Ecological values include evaluating the natural and financial resources available to create a more sustainable and resilient landscape environment.

These goals are not mutually exclusive. They are desirable and compatible to produce the greatest, high value outcome.

For instance, natural stone, hardwood mulches, native plants and water features contribute greatly to the structural enhancement, functionality and attractive appearance while providing excellent value in resource conservation and financial management.

Landscapes take on many facets: art, capital improvement, quality of life, health and lifestyle enhancement.

All good art, all good compositions, find genesis in an idea, a vision.

This could be a visual image, a text or a suggestion. The work is in the becoming.

Jay Archer

Landscape Ecologist, Designer, President

Green Jay Landscape Design


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