Ecology + Design

Natural Landscaping, Renovation and Bad Design

Natural landscaping has universal appeal! Whether you are in Armonk or Riverdale, New York the beauty and satisfaction is the same!

Natural landscaping involves considering the natural attributes and advantages of the existing site conditions. In the first example we are on a south-west facing slope overlooking the Hudson River with astounding views.

This gave us the opportunity to use only plants native to the New York City region.

This next project in Purchase, New York was designed with winter interest in mind. This effect was successfully accomplished by using different colored evergreens, gold, blue and green with varying heights and textures with a background of mixed evergreens and deciduous tress and shrubs.

The next project involved creating a rock garden with flowering perennials on a hot and dry slope in Rye.

Everything is possible with good design!

And don’t forget good design is not priceless…bad design is priceless and holds no value.


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