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Lawn Maintenance in Rye: How Do You Maintain Your Lawn?

Your lawn is the highest maintenance part of your landscape. It requires regular feeding, watering, mowing etc.. It may also be the dominant or largest landscape feature on your property. Are the resources you invest in your lawn giving you a satisfactory return on your investment?

You should treat your landscape as you treat your home when it comes to property values.

A healthy green lawn is an asset to your property. Evaluate the appearance and function of your landscape. Consider what changes you might make. Would you reduce the lawn or improve it? Would you go organic? Why not?

Let us help you. As a Rye resident, I benefit as a homeowner from the substantial support offered by the Rye Sustainability Committee. We have a very caring supportive community when it comes to going organic!

Check out some of these excellent resources to aid you in transitioning from a less than healthy environment to one that benefits all life on Earth! organic lawn care organic lawn care

Harvard organics, organic lawn care organic lawn care

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