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Working Towards a Common Goal Healing the Waters, Caring for the Land

If we are going to have any positive effect on our environment we are going to need to unite the tribes!

We have a lot of work to do to improve the health of our landscape environment! It’s work! It takes focus and consistent commitment and sustained time and energy. I don’t know about anybody else, but for me, if the time I spend doesn’t involve some measure of fun, I’m probably not going to be showing up…unless I really feel I’m going to be missing something. In my case, I’m not retired and have limited free time and interest in events that aren’t in my wheelhouse of interest. I support many non-profits with time and money. I often wonder if we are making any quantifiable progress.

This is why the Federated Conservationists of Westchester County(FCWC) gets high praise for getting a diverse group of people to contribute to a cause like composting, plastic bags etc. By sheer enthusiasm and personality FCWC is creating unique, fun events in venues we might be interested in going to anyway!

If we could get all the local environmental groups together, united under one roof, we could really have a powerful impact! The cumulative effect of joint marketing and social media would certainly be a greater sum than one group or individual. I think we all share a desire to improve the health and beauty of our landscape environment.

My personal passion and mission is to be a voice for nature. To speak for the plants and animals, the insects, the earth, wetlands, fields and forest. We all need a little more wild… so we can reconnect with our own nature!

More rain gardens, native plant gardens for beneficial species, less lawn, and no more toxic pesticides!

We can do more than be carbon neutral! We can create and manage our landscape environments to support and supply highly efficient carbon positive ecosystems!

We cannot do it alone! We must educate and we must make it interesting and…FUN!

Long live the new FCWC… keep up the good work …looking forward to the next event!

Jay Archer

President, Landscape Ecology



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