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All our landscapes require maintenance. Yours and mine!

Plants aren’t furniture! We even replace or renew our furniture every 10-20 years, hopefully!

Things change, grow, evolve etc. that includes our taste and sensibilities. Keep it fresh! Don’t wait until everything is so overgrown or outdated that you don’t know where to start.

(See video at.bottom of post to see how we divided ornamental grasses and created new beds).

Renovating the landscape gives us an opportunity to go native, to go organic!

What can you do to improve the health of your landscape while also improving the appearance?

For myself, as a naturalist and landscape ecologist, wildlife is as important as plant life!

I couldn’t imagine a world without the birds and butterflies I see everyday in my gardens.

I love the California poolscape look. Ornamental grasses with fragrant perennial flowers with an evergreen shrub backdrop…love it!

Every season brings something new to the garden. Especially the birdlife!

The stunning natural scenery of tall trees in the far background makes the layered look in the foreground composition so much more attractive.

So each year we prune, divide the grasses and perennials as needed (when the time is right), test the soil and apply organic fertilizer. That’s gardening…professional gardening.

Sustainability and resilience are achieved by tender loving care and a continued commitment to both the original design as well as the development of succession and maturity.

For our client that means not worrying or stressing over care. Change happens, we work with it to achieve continued satisfaction and maximum pleasure.

It doesn’t take a lot… just showing up…before we are really needed!

Jay Archer

President, Landscape Ecologist & Designer


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