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Landscape Design, Ecological Restoration, Sustainability and Resilience in Westchester

Whether you are in Pound Ridge, Bedford, Katonah or Scarsdale, Hartsdale or White Plains, though your individual conditions and desires may differ there is one certainty…..things are changing in the landscape environment.

The weather is unpredictable. While we cannot change the impact of global climate change, we can certainly change our landscapes and our landscape maintenance practices to improve the quality of our experience and interaction with our environment.

We can change our attitudes toward the value of the bountiful natural resources we are blessed with.

Our landscape design practice is ecologically based with the enduring goal and object of creating and maintaining a naturally beautiful, healthy outdoor space which encourages appreciation and enjoyment of nature.

This can be achieved simply by changing your mowing and watering practices or by planting a garden, small or large, which cultivates biodiversity, captures and cleans the air and water while acting as an aesthetically attractive focal point of your home, your property, your landscape.

What are you waiting for…life goes by so fast…act now!

By the time spring is here we are already very busy making the magic happen! Winter and early spring are the best times for us in landscape architecture, garden design and contracting to develop plans and proposals to be implemented in the busy season.

The most common complaint we get from prospective clients is a lack of response to their phone calls and emails generally in our industry.
As a small business we empathize with fellow professionals who feel overwhelmed with interest at a time when there is simply not enough hours in the day.

There is no good reason or excuse for lack of communication. We require and value communication as an integral part of our client relationships.

From the initial consultation through the last steps, including management and maintenance, we work very hard to respond mindfully to our clients questions and remain available and on track with our schedules. This is not always easy with the weather. We guarantee on-time communication and best effort.

Just a suggestion:
Ask yourself, what do you want and desire?
What would improve your lifestyle day to day…the quality of your life experience?
How much do you care about your health in relationship to your environment?

If not for yourself, what about the ecological health benefits to your children, and your children’s children?

Jay Archer

President, Green Jay Landscape Design





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