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Even with the best laid plans, you can never anticipate everything. However, due diligence and following a well developed ritual of site analysis translates into a proper punch list for budgeting.

In this case, as part of the initial site analysis, irrigation for future planting was considered.  By using a flow meter to determine delivery of gallons per minute/flow, we discovered a potential problem with the water line.

The remedy was for Green Jay Landscape Design to communicate with the water department, Westchester Water Works, to shut the water off. Then, we excavated and replace the main line, carefully backfilled, tamped to compact and remove air space, regraded and repaired the lawn organically.

This lead to a successful, although somewhat complicated, landscape design construction and installation. Oh yes, we also created a beautiful flowering ecosystem attracting birds, bees and butterflies. Read more about the full project, from Landscape Design Master Plan to our fully in-house installation on our previous blog.

Jay Archer

Landscape Ecologist, Designer & President

Green Jay Landscape Design



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