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Healthy Living: Landscaping without Toxic Pesticides in Westchester

I can’t imagine why as a community of intelligent, educated people we practice denial of unhealthy landscape practices ! In addition to overuse of leaf blowers in landscape maintenance, which has been found to elevate blood pressure and disrupt the nervous system of the elderly in certain retirement communities, we are obsessed with what has been described as the ‘Green Desert’ by Kim Eierman ( That would be the great American lawn!
Although I have made a living in lawn care, grounds maintenance and landscape design for over 30 years, I consider the lawn to be the highest, most demanding landscape feature in terms of resources in any landscape. I do love my almost perfect, green lawn, my pesticide free, life producing ,completely natural, organic lawn! Yet the lawn, any lawn requires weekly pruning (mowing), regular watering, feeding, weeding, seeding etc…
Many homeowners are unaware of the pesticides applied to their property. This is because there is a culture of empowerment. It’s a guy thing! Women are smarter as a rule and care more.
As a homeowner, a client, we (I am a client too, of course of Green Jay Landscape Design) should absolutely know what is being applied to our property. First, that’s the law! Second we should care! I think all product information organic or not should be available to us as customers, clients and homeowners. What is more precious than our own health? The answer is our children’s health!
If we took the time to read the label or Material Safety Data Sheet for each pesticide applied to our landscapes and lawns (the law requires you be given this info before applications are applied), we might think twice about exposing ourselves, our children and our pets to these toxic chemical agents.
It is our own fault the we have created a society that does not value human health and the health of the environment above all things.
Help us change! Let us work together for a better, healthier world today and tomorrow!
Live the Life You Live
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