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Garden Maintenance in Scarsdale; How to Maintain your Organic Landscape

All landscapes large or small require maintenance. As human beings we require maintenance. That means regular watering, feeding, pruning (haircuts) etc.. Some of us are higher maintenance than others! I know because it has been pointed out to me that I’m a high maintenance guy! Well so be it. I like to eat well, maintain a certain physical condition, dress a certain way etc.. In a word, I’m rather particular.

When it comes to our landscape, home and property, the question is; what are our expectations?

I am a client too ! My natural, organic lawn is well cared for. My gardens represent how I feel and what I like. There is also a lot of room for change in my garden.

In one Scarsdale neighborhood we maintain several properties as I care for my own. That means we make sure the irrigation is functioning properly, adjust it as needed. We mow the lawn weekly at 3-4 inches with sharp blades to conserve water and avoid injury and disease. We feed the lawn, tress and shrubs regularly with organic fertilizers and bio-stimulants. We mulch and edge the garden beds. We weed once a month. We prune when needed. We basically care for each property as if it was my own. Different properties and landscapes have different requirements and as such need services on different schedules. For instance do you have deer and rabbits eating your perennials? We spray organic, natural source products/repellants monthly with excellent results.

If we think trees need trimming or something outside the scope of regular landscape care is needed we call or email our clients. Do you regularly clean the gutters, flush the leaders, check catch basins and drainage? Do you add bacteria to your septic tank if you have one? Do you regularly clean your air conditioner condenser? Have you had you driveway sealed in the last ten years? Are there weeds growing in your patio and walks.

Without a well thought out maintenance plan and schedule there is a lot that can fall through the cracks and not get taken care of. Good maintenance saves money, excellent maintenance leads to overall happiness and satisfaction with your landscape, home and property.

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