Ecology + Design

Ecological Landscape Design, Bioengineering and Permaculture in NYC’s Brooklyn Bridge Park

In an effort to respond, as opposed to react to climate change and storm water management, this wonderfully unique and highly functional design allows for and encourages casually directed foot traffic around garden beds, while an interesting, random pattern of repurposed brick in a gravel base substrate allows for maximum on-site infiltration of storm water. Talk about the best of both worlds!

This not only fulfills the legal permit requirements gracefully, it avoids creating more impervious space, and avoids sending the brick to a landfill. This is, in essence, the principle of permaculture: to design with stacked or multiple purposes in landscape features. Using bioengineering to install permaculture landscape features is awesome cool! Kudos to Brooklyn Bridge Park for exceptionally creative and progressive thinking and landscape design.

Jay Archer

Landscape Ecologist, Designer, President

Green Jay Landscape Design


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