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Drainage Solutions and Maintenance for your Home and Landscape

There are so many water issues in our home landscapes.

Although it has been extremely dry for the past several months we continue to come across drainage problems associated with infrastructure or the landscape. Many of these problems or issues can be easily remedied by evaluating the source.

We offer a free 20 point property inspection/report which covers all aspects of the exterior landscape as well as foundation of your home. Sometimes an inspection will find clogged catch basins, storm drains or gutters and leaders which can be easily and inexpensively cleaned and maintained.

Many common problems are apparent on the surface, some require more investigation involving excavation.

Many older homes lack the necessary waterproofing that is now required by building code. Creative solutions are sometimes required to avoid expensive repairs or reconstruction.

Maintaining your existing drainage is important. This applied to sheet flow, surface erosion and any drainage channels and easements on your property (if this applies). You should also check with the town if you have questions about storm water affecting your property. While your at it check your landscape irrigation to be sure it works efficiently. Do you have a rain sensor to insure you are not wasting precious water resources and contributing to the problem. Recently at a commercial property we noticed the irrigation running in the pouring rain…what a waste!

On one recent project the town of Irvington, New York required our client to remove invasive vegetation from a drainage channel to restore flow. This involved not only removal and carting of vegetation and debris but rebuilding and repairing a stone retaining wall which lined the stream bank/channel. Sometimes permits are required. It is not legal or advisable to allow stormwater to flow into a street or sanitary sewer.

So the moral of the story…check with the town building inspector or town engineer first. Put your tax dollars to work…then…hire a professional if needed.


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