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Design & Construct a Front Entrance [VIDEO] | Putnam County, NY

The front entrance of a home is like the cover of a book — its the first impression, sets the aesthetic tone, and can either encourage or discourage one to enter… Beyond basic calls for “curb appeal,” we believe the front entrance of a home should be beautiful, location-relevant, functional, and inviting.

This particular landscape design project needed to solve a host of circulation issues (access from the driveway, garage, front door, guest house), yet we still wanted the front landscape to be meandered through and enjoyed, especially under the idyllic mature trees! The end result involved multiple custom masonry designs — walkways, patios, staircases– along with significant grading and construction of boulder-retained planting beds.

The landscape installation & construction took weeks, but we’ve compiled it for you into sixty seconds. Please enjoy the video below!

To learn more about the project, read our previous blog post: Defining Outdoor Spaces Through Circulation, Custom Masonry & Native Gardens

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Landscape Design & Construction: Green Jay Landscape Design

Natural Garden Path Stone & Stone Steppers: Prospero Nursery

River Rock & Gravel: Bedford Gravel

Soil, Boulders: Lawton Adams

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