Ecology + Design

Custom Masonry Design and Naturalistic Landscaping

A Model of ‘Landscapes for Better Living’

This is a prime example of premium quality craftsmanship in the landscape design/build business. By redesigning the front entrance to create a porch/landing with an additional parking court, we significantly improved the appearance and value of the property in Rye, New York.

The new driveway was constructed of a porous asphalt material which improved the stormwater management adjacent to the wetland.

The landscape planting featured a variety of long blooming, native flowering perennials which attract beneficial insect species. This contributes to the successful management of the landscape with sustainable organics.

The custom kinetic sculpture adds a nice finishing touch.

Instead of a typical evergreen hedge, native clethra was planted on the property border to define the space while contributing fragrance, grace and pollinators to what easily could have been a less active, sterile space.

Heavily planted ground cover natives such as ajuga, creeping jenny, Irish moss, sweet woodruff and geraniums made the need for weeding practically obsolete. The use of ground covers as mulch was most effective for resource management.

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