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Contract for Landscape Planting/Mini Rain Garden

Often times our customers ask about example contracts and a scope of work/ services. Below we have provided an example contract as well as images of the work provided for this specific project. We have of course omitted the contact information for our client as well as the costs as costs are always based on specific project details. For more information or to request a FREE no obligation quote, contact us at (914) 560-6570 or [email protected].

Contract for Landscape Planting/Mini Rain Garden

We propose to re-grade the front left-hand corner of your foundation planting (including area where tree was removed). Proper positive pitch will be established to conduct surface order from corner to lawn area. This will be accomplished by installing/utilizing an impervious clay/subsoil, prohibiting infiltration. A small planting will include: one River Birch 7-8’, three Clethera (Hummingbird) 3 gallon, assorted perennial ground cover and mulch. This estimate/proposal includes mulching the existing landscape bed.



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