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Birds, Bugs, and Bushes

Please join Green Jay Landscape Design for “Birds, Bugs, and Bushes: the effects of climate change on local flora and fauna“.

When: Friday, October 21, 2016, 9:00-11:00 a.m.

Where: Tarryville Senior Center at Pierson Park

Partners: Bedford Audubon Society, Bronx River Sound Shore Audubon, Central Westchester Audobon, Hudson River Audubon, and Saw Mill River Audubon

Shifting and shrinking ranges of habitat caused by climate change will have serious implications throughout our natural world. In fact, Audubon’s findings classify nearly half of all North American birds as severely threatened by global warming. Sea level rise will put pressure on estuarine marshes and the birds and other wildlife they support. Plant community shifts within the forests in our region where trees with northern range distributions are becoming locally extinct and southern ranged trees are migrating in will have impacts of this on this region’s carbon storage capacity. Larger and more frequent insect outbreaks may occur, but in other cases recurring outbreaks may be disrupted or diminished.

Please join us to learn about the effects climate change is likely to have on local flora and fauna and some simple action steps we can all take to help mitigate these effects.

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