Ecological & Environmentally-Friendly Landscape Design in Mamaroneck, NY

Mamaroneck is a beautiful place to live! We love elevating local properties with thoughtful landscape designs that improve (rather than degrade) our environment, and Mamaroneck truly embraces our mission! Read about Our Promise as Landscape Ecologists. We are grateful for our many years of landscape design and construction in Mamaroneck, NY and Westchester, NY. 

Below you will find a selection of useful links for Mamaroneck and New York residents:

Green Jay Landscaping specializes in natural, native landscaping for pollinators, birds and local wildlife.  All of our designs consider storm water management potential (rain gardens, rainwater harvesting, passive irrigation, etc.) 

Landscape Portraits Portfolio 

For examples of our Landscape Design, Construction & Maintenance Work in Mamaroneck, Check out these Blogs:

Walking Tour of our First Install of 2019! [VIDEO]

Passive Irrigation and Rain Water Harvesting in Mamaroneck, NY

Summer Poolscape with Native Plants | Mamaroneck, NY

Environmentally-Friendly Landscape Design & Organic Lawn Installation 

Organic Lawn Installation on a New Construction Site

Landscape Plans in Mamaroneck for Residential Design/Build