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Green Jay Landscaping - Plant Bulbs this November for Unparalleled Spring Color

Plant Bulbs this November for Unparalleled Spring Color

Picture this: it's mid-february; you forget what it's like to not be cold, grey and wintery-mixing as you slog through another eternal winter in the suburbs. But then! For a few hours a day the temperature rises, melts some snow and thaws the Earth just enough for the first delightful sprigs of green to pop through -- the first of the spring bulbs!!

Before the Forsythia or Cornus mas bloom, bulbs are ready. (But who can predict Mother Nature these days?) Among the first to bloom are Snow Drops, Crocuses, Daffodils (Tet-a-Tets and 'Februrary Gold') and 'Spring Beauty' Tulips, and miniature Irises. When everything else is a twiggy clump or persistent mass of evergreen, spring bulbs delight the landscape with color and unique forms.

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Design your bulb planting for successive blooms from February through May. Alliums are a favorite late-bloomer -- their unique, delicate-yet-enormous globe of flowers is a charming addition to any garden. As with all bulbs, planting en masse is most effective!!

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Daffodils are another timeless choice, and there are so many beautiful cultivars avaiable!

A few tips for planting & maintaining your bulbs:

  • Plant in November! After the first frost and before the ground freezes. Too early and rodents will eat them !
  • When they first peak up in early spring, spray every 30 days with organic animal repellent!! Deer and rabit love looove tulips especially
  • Daffodils, hyacinth and crocuses are poisonous to deers so they are good choices if you can't spray
  • Massing is most effective !!!
  • Keep in mind what else is planted in your garden that will bloom at concurrent times and use this to inform your layout and bulb choices
  • After the flowers are spent, do not immediately cut down your bulbs! Leaving the stems up allows the plant to continue photosynthesizing and sending nutrients down to the bulb for storage for the next year.

Need some help with your bulb design & install? We are at your service! Our professional bulb installations are often of hundreds of bulbs per property -- power in numbers!!! Give us a call to discuss your bulb dreams: 914-560-6570.

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