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Pond Restoration & Native Bog Garden in White Plains

This adorable property features a stream babbling through the backyard. At one point, probably in the 1930s, a concrete dam was poured to create a “natural” swimming pond that until now, held up fairly well, but had recently begun leaking in several spots. Given the woodland setting, the pond had also accumulated quite a bit of debris from surrounding trees, which clouded the water and depth of the pond. The clients wished to restore the pond as much as possible to its swimming pond function.

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Stream Construction, Pond Restoration and Hillside Planting in New Canaan CT

We received a call earlier this spring from a New Canaan pondowner with a morbid situation. The homeowner was instructed to apply various purportedly natural-source pond cleaning products into the small constructed pond on the property. This pond cleaner cocktail created some unknown reaction, and within thirty minutes, all the fish were belly up. GJL was hired to restore the pond’s water quality; create a cascading stream into the pond;replant the adjacent hill with native perennials; and construct a pathway, staircase, and patio landing aside the pond.

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2018 Eco-Resolutions Part 3: Reduce Your Lawn Area, Boost Biodiversity

As landscape professionals, we can confidently say the #1 landscape trend in America is… LAWN! Nearly every residential and commercial landscape in America contains lawn. The ubiquitous turf knits together houses and neighborhoods in a bizarre dynamic of unification and cut-throat competition (whose yard most resembles a golf course?!)

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2018 Eco-Resolutions Part 2: Take Your Landscape Organic

Green Jay Landscaping follows a holistic, organic land management program. Our background in ecology and horticulture guides us to consider the entire ecosystem when caring for plants. We never use synthetic chemicals because of their indiscriminate toxicity, ability to spread easily, and the hazards they pose to human health. According to the EPA, 80 million US households apply 90 million pounds of pesticides and herbicides to their lawn and yard each year. Lawns require fertilization, but the average homeowner over-fertilizes, using improper timing and application methods.

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